The People I Have Met

Everywhere that I go, people want to talk to me about my motorcycle. Old guys like to remember "back in the day" and apparently my bike helps them due that. Here are a few quotes from the interesting characters I have met only because of my bike.

July 2008:
A hobo in the parking lot of Albertson's in Prescott Arizona was working on a broken down truck and spotted me on the Scrambler.
"I used to have one of those back in the 70's and I would take it to Daytona Bike week. I got more pussy on that thing than any of the guys riding Harleys."
About 5 minutes after that a man approached me in the same parking lot.
"I used to race that same bike, I got that bike modified to the point where I could go 50mph in first gear. That is a rad bike."

August 2008:

A retired Air Force Sergent was standing by my bike staring at it when I approached.
"This bike brings back memories. I used to have the same bike in the air force and the women loved it and everyone else envied it. The guy I bought it from wished that he never sold it and offered many times to buy it back, but I couldn't do it."

September 2008:On my first camping trip through Northern Arizona at a gas station in Sedona I came out and a guy was standing by my bike once again staring at it.
"Its nice to see a bike like this on the road. When I first became interested in motorcycles this was the bike that I lusted over, and I still want one today."
Further down the road that same day at Montezuma's well, I was walking the trail and a man randomly asked me, "Is that your  bike in the parking lot?" I said yes and he replied "It's beautiful."

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